Guitarist and Developer

Welcome to my home on the internet. My interests are a bit too varied to sum up neatly, so it might get a little scattered. Still, best to catalog this stuff somewhere.


I’ve been exposed to music from an early age—my mother played classical piano, my grandmother was an avid collector of music, and so on throughout the family tree. I jumped from piano lessons at 5 or 6 years old through trumpet in the school band, finally landing on the guitar when I was about 13. I’ve studied music theory and arranging, and played guitar in all sorts of styles, from rock to classical to folk to jazz. I count Leo Kottke, Chet Atkins, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, and Jim Hall among my main influences.

Web Development

Computers were another childhood interest—the earliest memory I can conjure from my childhood is sitting on my father’s lap, learning to navigate folders in DOS so that I could play Sopwith. I was introduced to the “World Wide Web” pretty early on thanks to my father and his exposure through his study and teaching, and at some point I was given books on HTML 3.1 and Java. Since then, I’ve explored every avenue I could find, from server administration to back-end development (mainly PHP, either from scratch or with WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, and so on), through to the front end.


Both my parents were artists and photographers, and we had a darkroom in our house as I was growing up, so I took an interest there. I’m primarily interested in landscape and nature photography, though I’ve shot in other contexts as well.